For professionals and leaders who wish to develop or polish their social and networking skills to advance their careers. Also relevant for students or anyone about to enter the professional landscape.

For anyone wanting to develop their social and personal etiquette – from dining, to introductions, deportment, dress, and conversation skills. Walking, talking, and dining with elegance!

For individuals and organizations wishing to further their understanding of cross cultural business and social practices which can be applied to both personal and professional relationships.

These sessions are designed for tweens and teens who would like to develop dining and social communication skills in order to feel more comfortable and confident in social settings.


Our contemporary workshops are designed to provide training and relevance in modern etiquette, networking, and protocol. We work with executives, teams, and individuals in developing excellence in social decorum!

Blackburn Etiquette is an etiquette and international protocol consultancy, providing training in business and social etiquette, international protocol, and leadership to professionals in business, governments, social organizations, Universities and Colleges, Athletes, and individuals and hosts. Programmes are outcomes based and can be tailored to the needs of the client.

Principle Biography

Anne Blackburn is a Social etiquette and protocol consultant advancing civility and success in others through modern manners. She has a Master of Arts Degree in Leadership from Royal Roads University and a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Alberta specializing in Economics.

Anne has spent time in London’s Kensington area learning the finer art of International Etiquette and Protocol, Deportment, and European Dining. Anne spent 20 years in post- secondary education, excelling as a programme coordinator and Fashion Marketing and Business instructor which earned her a National Instructor Excellence Award. In addition to her creative and business acumen, Anne has facilitated many courses developing human relations skills in youth and young leaders, customer service, leadership, and is a certified Myers Briggs Type Personality (MBTI) facilitator. She has promoted national fashion leaders, political candidates, and planned and promoted world class fashion events. Her love of culture, government, history, entertaining, and travel for both business and pleasure have afforded Anne the opportunity to develop a breadth of knowledge and awareness for modern and traditional practices in etiquette and protocol. Her most recent adventure includes a certificate in International Protocol from The Hague, Netherlands.

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